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Who We are...


To help every young lady inspire, restore, and maintain
a sense of belonging in self, family and in community.


To make sure every young lady gains all necessary
components to find their purpose in life, while positively changing their lifestyle, be a
positive role model for youth and a catalyst for change in their respective community one day at a time.

What We Do...

RHODA GENERATION operates based on a PEDAGOGY Decision Making Processes



RHODA Generation believes that the emotional stability/capacity of our youth is defined through their experiences, whether traumatic or positive. We attempt to deconstruct their emotional experiences in order to provide the necessary resources for them to be successful within self, family or in their community. Thus, we engage our youth through high-yield learning programs and sessions to find the underlying factors that shape their emotional well-being for better decision making processes.



RHODA Generation believes that the social constructs of society are indefinite. However, more importantly we design our programs to enable youth to understand the way in which they interpret society. The social-norms are built through history and foundational learning. In this effort of educating our youth, we want to be intentional and impactful on how they are viewed and how others view them socially; in order for them to respond positively and accordingly.  



"Practical reason is the general human capacity for resolving, through reflection, the question of what one is to do. Deliberation of this kind is practical in at least two senses. First, it is practical in its subject matter, insofar as it is concerned with action. But it is also practical in its consequences or its issue, insofar as reflection about action itself directly moves people to act" (Standford Encyclopedia of Philosphy 2014). In other words, RHODA Generation believes that the way in which youth are triggered to respond is through experiences. In order to receive definitive and stability, reflection is imperative in making critical  decisions. This exercises their will productively. Thus, young ladies will participate in reflection and debrief sessions in order to help them react/respond to certain situations.


"...Speculative is concerned only with the truth, whereas the practical apprehends the truth for the sake of some further end" (Thomas Osborne Jr., Philosophy, History of Western Philosophy, 2012). RHODA Generation takes the approach to understand decision-making by searching for the truth in every argument, and situation, whereas practical reason focuses on the art of receiving and acting.


Our Goals

To have a hand in changing the generations to come

To be able to give out a minimum of $500 scholarship to every mentee
that completes the program

To have a group home for pregnant and runaway teens

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